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Witches & Wizards Day

Hobart Magic Photography - get ready for an adventure!

I am so excited to present Witches & Wizards Day! It is such a fabulous experience!

You can choose from either a Hogwarts Inspired session or a more typical Witches/Wizards session. I may have gone a bit overboard with creative ideas!

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The studio requires a complete makeover for these sessions. It is set up in such a way that a variety of magical backgrounds can be added to your photos, so they are offered as a limited edition session.

There are costumes, books, potions, wands and cloaks all ready for you.

All you need to do is choose your outfit and props to be transported into a magical land!

Limited days and a limited number of sessions as here is a lot of work that goes into making these photos after the actual session itself!

Are you ready to be a witch or wizard?

I can’t wait to see you!

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Experience Witches & Wizards Day

This is a unique and memorable experience for young families, particularly designed for children aged 5 to 16 years. Whether you are a Hogwarts fan or not, you can choose the theme that suits you best. Everyone loves a bit of magic!

With a specially designed studio setup, children will be taken on a magical journey. Along with gorgeous cloaks, costumes, props, your magician will be delighted with this magical experience!

There are so many options for scenes with these sessions that there will be plenty of choice and individuality for everyone. I welcome input from the kids (and parents!) to capture your favourite moments.

These sessions are based on an adventure storyline, incorporating all the elements of the scene. They are very special and you will find your kids will be talking about it for days and days!

Cloaks, Costumes and Magic Props

Witches and Wizards day is made even more magical with the gorgeous cloaks and costumes including Hogwarts uniform items and a large selection of magical props.

All of the cloaks have been handmade and are interchangeable between Hogwarts houses or plain colours. They come in a range of colours and a variety of sizes from kids 6-12 and adults 6-14.

And the most magical part? The set is designed so you can be transported into multiple backgrounds! These include Hogwarts inspired scenes or more typical witch/wizard scenes.

To finish off your outfit, there are several wands and hats to choose from. Plus a few other specialty props that will have to be a surprise!

Now you look like the perfect witch or wizard!

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Your Witch/Wizard Photos

Of course, being a witch or wizard is pretty amazing. But it is even better if you can keep these memories alive through photos. Our fine art witch and wizard portraits will be cherished by children, siblings, parents and grandparents alike. Witch & wizard photos are truly exquisite and will bring beautiful memories for generations to come.

Each photo we create is a piece of art designed to be shown off to everyone. With beautiful lighting, a magical set and gorgeous costumes, your photos will become more treasured over time. These timeless and elegant portraits are designed to be displayed throughout your home, showing them off for everyone to see. You can even give some as gifts!

These archival quality products will be treasured for generations to come. Can you imagine your witch or wizard showing off her photos when they are older? Their children and grandchildren are going to love looking at these! And I imagine your once small witch or wizard will love it too :)

This is a limited edition session - only on offer a few times each year with different themes such as Enchanted Forest, Ice Fairies and Unicorns.

Due to the studio makeover required for each set, bookings are essential and a limited number of sessions will be on offer.

A waitlist will be made for those who miss out on these sessions. You will be first to know of the next scheduled session.

Most of the important information is above but here is a summary:

  • The session fee is normally $150, but as an opening special it will be $75 (only for this session)

  • Witch/Wizard and Hogwarts inspired costumes, cloaks and magic props are included in the session fee (in the sizes mentioned)

  • Also included is your favourite photo printed as a 5”x7”

  • The session goes for about 30 minutes and can include 2 people maximum

  • You will be invited to come back and look at your witch/wizard photos a few weeks after the session

  • There are several photo collections to choose from, however there is no obligation to buy (ranges from $350 - $2450)

  • In case you love a few too many photos, interest free payment plans are available for all orders