How to look good in your photos

Your session is booked...but what do you wear?!?!?! There are a few great guidelines when deciding on what to wear for your session. The number one rule comfortable and don't stress!

Choosing clothing for you or for your whole family can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. I opt for simple. Here are a few guidelines to help you pick outfits that will be flattering, show your personality and bring attention to where it's meant to be - on your happy, smiling face!

First of all, be comfortable. You don't need new clothes for your photo session, but you are welcome to do this if it makes you happy (and doesn't increase stress!!). Just make sure you are comfortable in what you are wearing (and this goes for everyone in the family). There is nothing worse than the itchy shirt or the dress that falls down!

Heels are fabulous (for those family members old enough to wear them!). They make your legs look longer and thinner. Feel free to bring flats if you get sick of your heels :) Sneakers are best left in the car...for everyone.

Be comfortable

Coordinate but don't match

Coordinating your outfits shows that you are a group. A family. You belong together. So, this means that everyone does not need to match. Instead, think about style of clothes, and coordinate that.

If you're going a bit more dressy, make sure everyone is looking sharp. If you want a more natural look, let everyone wear something casual and comfortable.

Don't come all in jeans and a white t-shirt. This is too matchy matchy :) If you are being photographed on your own you don't have to worry about this step!


Choose 3 colours across everyone. White and black are free colours and can be added to anyone. Choose colours that complement each other. Pick similar tones (e.g all bright or all pastel) and colours in the same family. Lay out all of your clothes and see if they look nice together.

If you are being photographed on your own, still bring 3 different coloured outfits. Preferably with different necklines, but not essential.

Layer up!

You can easily make 3 different outfits out of one simply by layering. Add a jacket, scarf or hat to change up your look. You can even add a long sleeved shirt or t-shirt over a short sleeved t-shirt to add to your look. Also think about accessories...but keep this minimal. You don't need everything for your session. Just you in a comfortable outfit with a couple of simple changes.

Being in the studio it is easy to change outfits completely. If you choose to do this I suggest that you bring 3 different outfits, with different colours and different necklines (easier for girls than guys!). This will just allow some variety in your final images. If you are being photographed with others, keep in mind the coordinate rule above.

Hair and Make-up

Make sure hair is brushed and ready to go before the session. If you want to change styles during the session, allow for only one. And it is generally easier to go from hair being up to down than the other way around. Try not to have big hair accessories as these will take the focus away from you.

Make-up is not essential so only wear if you are comfortable. By no means do you need to have this professionally done, but again you are welcome to if this makes you happy. The idea is not to add extra expenses for hair, make-up and clothes before you have even arrived at your session!