Frequently Asked Questions

It's important that any questions you have are answered at any stage. Here are a range of the most common questions asked.

If you find that your question is not answered here, please feel free to be in touch and I would be happy to answer!

How much does it cost?

It all depends on what your purchase in your viewing and purchasing appointment. To give you a guide, our families usually invest between $595 – $5,000 to have a beautifully designed collection, or multiple collections on their walls. You are welcome to call the studio to get more detailed or specific prices or look at our finished product page for some more price ranges. You have full control over what you spend. Payment plans are available if you love a few too many photos.

What are the payment options?

You have a few options to choose from:

  1. Pay in full
  2. Half and half - 50% at the design appointment and 50% at the time of collection approximately 4-6 weeks later.
  3. Take advantage of payment plans to spread your cost out over time (with 0% Interest) - choose from either fortnightly or monthly options over 4-6 months

Payment by Visa, MasterCard or Eftpos.

What does my gift voucher include?

All of our gift vouchers include your 1 hour photography session and 1 hour viewing and purchasing appointment. They also include a printed 8x10 of your favourite photo.

Every session includes either studio hire or travel to an agreed location. Glitter sessions include a huge range of both glitter and confetti (loose and wearable) which you can choose from. We always set up your session based on your interests and matching props are included.

You are welcome to bring any additional props to match the clothes/costumes you bring with you. The details will be discussed with your photographer - so let's see what we can create!

What's included in your session?

What you bring in your shoot depends on your families personality. We can create amazing personalised shoots with music, sports, fashion, culture etc. When you book in your session your photographer will help you plan out what to bring.

As a start, bring the following:

  • If you want anything like sports or musical equipment in your photos, bring these along (well, apart from anything big like drums!!!)
  • If you have any jewelry you want to wear, bring it along. It doesn't need to be much more than a set of earrings, maybe a necklace and/or something for your hair
  • Bring a brush and a few hair ties - this means you can quickly change your hairstyle during the session
  • Clothes/costumes for the session
  • Any accessories such as jackets, hats and scarves - not essential but they make changing an outfit really easy.

What you bring should fit into a small suitcase or backpack - don't go overboard as we will easily work with what you have, along with what we have.

What do we bring?

What you wear in your session depends on your style, and where it’s going in your home. When you book in your session, your photographer will help you plan out what to wear. We also have some additional information on our what to wear page. If you have any questions after reading this, please ask - we are only too happy to help!

For example: Our family home is very beachy, casual and open, with pastel blues, purples and pinks. So clothing for our session was casual with similar colours. But if we wore red, orange or green it would look horrible!

What do we wear?

We encourage you to do your own hair and make up to your liking. We want you to look like you, not like you’re at a glamour studio. You could go a little bit heavier with makeup than normal if it suits what you are wearing for your session, but don’t go over the top.

If you prefer not to wear make-up, that is absolutely fine too. There is no point feeling uncomfortable! Just bring a brush and hair ties so you can change your hairstyle mid-session if you want to.

What about hair and make up?

This is almost as exciting as the photo session itself. You will see your images created from the session, and choose your favourite which will be printed as an 8x10 on archival paper. You can also choose any other photos you would like to purchase. There are a variety of products to choose from - please see here for more information. You will also be able to see exactly what your photos will look like on the wall of your home so you can be sure that the size is exactly right for your space.

Feel free to bring other family members to the ordering session. The studio can fit up to 6 people comfortably but we do have extra chairs we can add if we have enough notice.

What happens at my ordering appointment?

We keep all of your ordered images for as long as our hard drive can last. Due to the large file sizes, the images you don’t order are removed from our system 1 month after you collect your images.

If you want us to hold your images longer because you are moving, renovating, going overseas etc we can hold it for you at a fee.

However the safest place for your images is in your own home, in print, on your walls, where you and your family can love and enjoy them for years and years to come.

How long do you keep images on file? Can we re-order later?

All of your artwork is bespoke and made to suit your home, style and design. To achieve this level of quality, please allow 4-6 weeks to produce your artwork. We could receive your artwork faster depending on what finish and size you ordered - please check with us at your ordering appointment.

How long does it take to receive my artwork?

Yes, we do sell digital files. You receive the matching digital file of the photos you purchase at your ordering session. It's important to understand that digital files are not cheaper than the printed product. After all, everything that goes into creating the digital file is required before it can be printed. All digital files are provided in the the perfect resolution for saving to your phone or sharing on social media.

Do you sell digitial files?

  1. Gift vouchers are not redeemable for cash or any other goods and may only be used as described. Gift vouchers are transferable.
  2. Any gift vouchers may not be used in conjunction with any other offer or voucher.
  3. Only one gift voucher per family, per year may be used.
  4. Session gift vouchers cannot be used to purchase portraits from a previous portrait session.
  5. Session must be booked prior to expiry date.
  6. A $50 deposit is required to secure your booking into our diary. This will be refunded or credited toward your order on the day of your ordering appointment. The deposit is not refunded if you give us less than 3 days notice for cancelling your appointment. This covers the loss of the appointment session and/or ordering appointment and your photographer’s time. Booking deposits are transferable to an alternative date on the first date change only.
  7. All ordered images are permanently backed up and stored. Other images will be removed 1 month after the collection of your artwork.
  8. The ordering appointment is to be completed within 4 weeks from your photography session to redeem your product gift voucher.
  9. Digital files included in specials, will contain all purchased images, fully retouched and cropped as per your order.
  10. All family promotions are not for commercial use.
  11. Management reserves the right to refuse service at anytime.
  12. You must go through your session requirements with your photographer 1-3 days prior to your photography session or your session will be cancelled. Please let the team know when the best time of day suits you to do this.
  13. Melinda Thomas Photography respects your privacy and personal information is not shared with any third party or other organisations

What are the terms and conditions with my gift voucher?