Welcome to Melinda Thomas Photography!

I am a portrait photographer specialising in glitter, families and dancers in the Hobart area. Your photo session will be fun and you will be able to choose from a range of products to display your gorgeous images in and around your home. Your session will be focussed on what makes you an individual...your interests, your hobbies, your friends, your family.

From start to finish, I am here to help you be ready for your session, while taking your photos, choose your images and design your art ready for display. 

Sit back, get comfortable and have a look around. Below is a small selection of recent images. There are more on specific pages for glitter, dancers and families. Feel free to be in touch you have any queries.

Dance photography 2048-33.jpg
Glitter photography 2048-8858.jpg
Dance photography 2048-4.jpg
Dance photography 2048-20.jpg
Glitter photography 2048-8768.jpg
Glitter photography 2048-1886.jpg
Dance photography 2048-51.jpg
Dance photography 2048-37.jpg
Dance photography 2048-6.jpg
Dance photography 2048-32.jpg
Dance photography 2048-25.jpg
Dance photography 2048-17.jpg
Dance photography 2048-31.jpg
Dance photography 2048-39.jpg
Glitter photography 2048-9500.jpg
Dance photography 2048-28.jpg
Glitter photography 2048-0200.jpg
Glitter photography 2048-2.jpg
Glitter photography 2048-0259.jpg
Dance photography 2048-35.jpg
Glitter photography 2048-0210.jpg
Glitter photography 2048-1881.jpg
Glitter photography 2048-8571.jpg
Dance photography 2048-40.jpg
Glitter Photography.jpg
Glitter photography 2048-2-2.jpg
Dance photography 2048-16.jpg
Dance photography 2048-48.jpg
Glitter photography 2048-8669.jpg
Dance photography 2048-27.jpg
Family photography 2048-0074.jpg
Family photography 2048-0057.jpg
Family photography 2048-0468.jpg